Need for Speed is a video blog that will contain interviews and footage from race days at PT's. You'll get

  • Video updates from Tom and Paul

  • Interviews of our weekly racers

  • Interviews of various main winners

Mod Sprint A Main winner 2/27 Eugene Ryder

13.5 Sprint A Main winner 2/27 Rich Durnell

1/10 scale LM Hard Charger, Jacob Burge

1/10 LM Dirt Oval Nationals Champion Jeremy Reilley

13.5 Sprint Dirt Oval Nationals Champion Cory Yoder

Zach Goeken 1/10 Late Model A Main winner Feb 6th

Meet Ryan Theidens, Pt's Racer of the Week for Jan 24th

Interview with Rick Putnam, Slash Mod and SC mod A-Main winner Jan 16th

Racer of the week, Zach Goeken, for the week of Feb 7th