(Typical club race events)

Seeding Round- 15 lap seeding round, staggered start on your own clock.

Best three CONSECUTIVE LAPS is your qualifying effort.

Round 1 heat races

  • Top qualifiers are spread across heat races.

( TQ would be pole of heat one, second qualifier on pole of heat two etc…)

  • Heat races are 35 laps

Round 2 heat races

  • Finishing order from heat one will be used.

That finishing order will be REVERSED to set the order for this round. (Heat race 1 winner will start at tail of heat two.)

  • Heat races are 35 laps

**Each heat race accumulates points towards your starting position for the mains. Tie breaker is most wins in the highest position, then it goes to your seeding round qualifying effort.

Example: If there are two drivers with two wins each in the heat races, then the qualifying round will determine the higher seed for the main.


          • Lower mains are 35 laps. A-main is 50 laps

          • The lower mains will lock six, and bump the top two finishers up to the next main.

          • The A main locks the top 5 positions and will have two bumped from the B-main.